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Wiregrass Talent Quest 2016

After hearing the of the Wiregrass Talent Quest that is put on by the Cultural Arts Association was going to be held for 2016, Alison & Tabitha felt they had to enter in hopes to those around the area hearing the testimony God has given them and the voices as well. So excited to have the opportunity to even audition after they found soon that they would be performing as finalist of Wiregrass Talent Quest at the Dothan Civic Center on September 29th,, 2016 at 7pm.

However, finding that the proceeds would be going towards local enhancement of family friendly arts programs they were even more intrigued in the adventure God set them on. The night came and they sang their song and spoke of the reasons they were there…not to win; that would be nice, but to show Gods love and how He can change others’ lives like He had theirs.

The end came that night and they found they had one 2nd place for Wiregrass talent Quest Adult Division. They were so excited to have had the opportunity to sing in front of so many and introduce the audience to their best friend and savior Jesus Christ. They thank all who supported their night and to Nannie Owens who fitted the dress and to family and friends who came and supported them.


NACMAI "National New Gospel Duo of the Year" 2016

After winning "New Gospel Duo of the Year" in Alabama the next step was to travel to Pigeon Forge, TN and compete in North American Country Music Association International (NACMAI) competition. 


There the goal of the duo was not to necessarily win in the catagory they had entered (New Gospel Duo) but to hopefully shine God's love and showcase the gifts He uses daily through them to others.  However, God never ceases to surprise...they came home "National New Gospel Duo of the Year" for NACMAI 2016!


"Even though we don't always know the reason for everythig that goes on in our lives and ministry...God always uses us to our fullest and does amazing things through us. We took a leap of faith to go to the competition we never even thought of before, and look what God did!"


While at the competition there were a few connections made to help their ministry grow. Such as doing thier first Radio interview with SAM WATKINS RADIO which was a new experience but extremly fun for them. As of now they are currently celebrating God's victory and waiting to see what doors open now. The next step is unknown somewhat but they will continue to work on making thier first album that will hopefully debut December 2016 or early 2017. Updates will be posted asap. So keep a open eye on FACEBOOK.COM/ALISONTABITHA for more info. They also will be on "The Voice He Hears" on May 21st in Nashville, TN a showcase TV show for Gospel Artists to share thier gifts and hopefully merge with others in the ministry to continue reaching more.


They would like to thank all the churches, friends, and family that made thier trip possible and ask for continued prayer for thier journey.



Alabama Music Association "Gospel Duo Of the Year" Award

After Elaine Lunsford, the President of Alabama Music Association, heard Aison & Tabitha at Chipley Downtown Christmas 2015 Celebration, she wanted to add them to the growing list of Alabama Artists. Even though they were not from Alabama, she fostered them on for her 'New Gospel' genre. From there, they won "New Gospel Duo of the Year' for the state of Alabama. They will travel to Pigeon Forge, TN (March 9th- 13th) to compete in Nationals to hopefully take home "New Gospel Duo of the Year" there. 


"It's not about winning anything and that is the truth...we have already won..and not even talking about the state level...God has given us freedom and a path we will continue on as He guides...its about being geniune in our faith no matter where God takes us. No matter how hard this may get in the future, there is nothing that God will give us that He has not equiped us to handle."



"It amazes me how God uses the little to create the BIG! God's love is so vast He loves us all ... whether we return the same love back... indiviually, intimately and equally. He has a plan for each of us. God has loved His children from Adam & Eve, to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob...all the way to Jesus where He showed His love worldwide. So winning state may be little to some...but we know God is building something BIG!"








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