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Our Story

Alison & Tabitha, the Christian duo form Northwest Florida, has had a whirlwind experience that they can only explain as a “God Movement”. Both their lives have changed so much that it amazes them how far they have come in such a short period of time (2 years to be exact). They are excited to see where God leads next. Though dealing health problems has forced them to move in what they felt is snail pace, God has made leaps in bounds in the growth of their ministry.  This year they won “National and International New Gospel Duo of the Year”, (an award they never in a million years thought would be theirs). However, God rewarded them after their hard work and dedication as they believe as an encouragement to move forward. They are in the process of making their first CD (which should debut in early 2017) as well as starting a Christian YouTube/GodTube Show that will be called “Trends & Truth”. The duo will discuss; how to deal with personal issues we all face, what is going on in the world, how to look at trends with biblical knowledge, and how to have what they feel is the closest to a Jesus perspective. If interested in following their journey, like and follow them on Also, check out their website If you would like Alison & Tabitha to come and speak/sing at your event, festival, or church please email link below!





God Bless!!!

-Alison & Tabitha



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